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The Art of SEO Voted Best SEO Book of 2009

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Special thanks to Lee Odden for conducting his “Best SEO Book of 2009″ survey.  In light of the books being considered, we are honored that The Art of SEO was voted in 2009 by his readers.

On that note, I’d like to also thank Chris Sherman for listing us at the top of SEL’s Best SEO Books of 2009 – another list of SEO books written by some of the brightest minds in our industry.

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  1. I would like to be an expert SEO please advise !

  2. Jessie – Fantastic! I’m so glad to see you contributing to a book like this. I couldn’t have imagined it without you. Bravo! Email me!

  3. I think that it deserve to be the book of the year 2010 too.

  4. I´ve read 4 seo books by now, and I can tell this was the more useful one.
    I must say I missed the Kindle Edition.

    Hormigon Impreso

  5. I have two copies of your book. One for my staff to share and one I jealously keep to myself :)

  6. I’ve ordered the book. Can’t wait to become an SEO expert myself!

  7. From all these positive feedbacks, i can’t wait to get my hands on this book!

  8. Just started reading the book and it’s an awesome read so far. I have recommended this to a few of my SEO friends as well.

  9. Hi Jessie,

    with the amount of changes that have gone on recently do you feel the book is still relevant today?

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